Calling all agents and publishers

Are you an agent or publisher looking for new writers?

I am seeking representation for the first in a series of Carrie Grey mysteries and would be delighted to hear from you.

This first story is inspired by the tram crash in 1917. I’ve moved the plot to 1910 as that suits my story, as you’ll see.

Although this is a historical piece of fiction, I have introduced several things that were becoming popular at about this time, such as steam or petrol motor cars, coffee makers, the telephone and so on.

I’ve probably stretched the facts a bit in terms of dates, but it is fiction after all! I’ve also used what I would call a modern tone. There is some old-fashioned speech but the dialogue is mostly of a modern style, which I prefer, and hope the reader will, too.

I plan to extend the series, with Carrie and the other characters, in new stories, all inspired by actual events. The next Carrie adventure is in the pipeline and the first chapter will be ready soon.

Want to learn more?

If it’s of interest, these events are well documented on the Exeter Memories website.

Exeter Memories

The 1917 tram crash

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