The Girl On The Tram – the blurb, or what the heck is this story about?

Carrie has a new job as a secretary in 1900’s Exeter. Fascinated by the stories of Sherlock Holmes, her job as filing clerk at a local solicitors comes in handy for when she witnesses a fatal tram crash in which a mysterious young woman dies, leaving Carrie with a curious calling card.

Carrie decides to find out what really caused the accident; the police say it was the driver’s fault but Carrie knows this can’t be true and she suspects foul play. But who stands to gain the most from the accident? And why is a photographer already in place, with his camera set up in time to take photographs of the incident?

Detective Jeffries has just returned from a course in London and is keen to show off his new ‘detecting’ skills. Paired up with a new recruit, the two officers struggle to get to the bottom of the crash and always seem to be one step behind Carrie who is investigating the incident in her own way.

Inspired by a true story about the fatal tram crash in Exeter in 1917 in which a woman died, this story is based slightly earlier in 1910.

Conceived and written by © Stephen Marson and edited by the wonderfully talented editor, Rebecca Klassen, at Scott Editorial.


Gallery of typical tram scenes in Exeter