How it all started and how it’s going

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I had an idea for a story and I spent hours going through the plot, in my head. Then I started writing. I published the first chapter on Facebook – a group that offered free reviews from its members seemed like a good idea.

Well, it was. Sort of. I had lots of feedback. Some good but unhelpful, some bad and equally unhelpful, for different reasons. But one person’s feedback stood out. She said something like; “Get on with the story. It’s a bit like ‘this happened, then that happened’. Get to the point quicker.”

Well, that was unexpected. But I took her advice. I realised that the first chapter did waffle on a bit so I scrapped it and started over. The story is essentially about a girl (Carrie, our heroine) who witnesses a tram crash and decides to find out what caused the accident. So I started from the very moment that the crash happens. And boy, does that make a difference. We’re right in the action, from the get-go.

Lesson learned; take notice of what your reviewers say!